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I’ve had a nice write-up in the local paper this week.

Bangor and Anglesey Mail 23rd October 2013

Okay, so the Bangor and Anglesey Mail isn’t exactly world wide coverage, but I know it’s some of the best publicity I can have. I’m always surprised at how many people have read (and remember!) even the smallest bit of information about me that finds its way in there.  I always think I lead this quiet, slightly eccentric, hermit life, quite forgetting I’ve lived and worked all over the North Wales coast for more than twenty years. In small communities like these, it’s surprising just how many people know me, or know of me.  And because I am local, I’m flying the flag for local pride, too. So even those who don’t know me are rooting for me.

I still have this faint (but excruciating) feeling that I’m boasting and everyone’s going to run a mile. But of course local papers love stories, and especially good news stories. It was something I learnt when I was running a small charity. It was easier then, because it wasn’t directly about me, but I’ve learnt to apply it to publicising my books. It’s a fair exchange. I send in an article, with a selection of photographs, the reporter has an easy life and something good to put in the paper. Plus you make sure you get all the facts right. Everyone is happy.

So hurrah for local reporters and local papers!


And while I’m being shameless, if you would like to vote for Eden’s Garden in The People’s Book Prize, please vote here: 

Thank You!

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Well, it isn’t exactly May yet, and up here in the mountains it even feels far too cold for April. But I can contain my excitement no longer: Eden’s Garden has been chosen as Welsh Book of the Month for May.


I keep on thinking, did I get that wrong? Did I totally misunderstand? Or maybe I dreamt it? But no, it’s there in an email, so it must be true. Woohoo! I know Wales isn’t exactly the biggest country on earth, but it still feels totally and utterly amazing. Time to dust down the roses, give the butterflies a quick tweak, and  launch into another celebration cake.

The garden cake I made for the launch of Eden's Garden

I’m going to my lovely supportive book club tomorrow night. I’ve even read the whole book on time. Well, it was Bleak House, which I love, despite the mewling Esther, who comes in a close second to the the dreadful Agnes on the Insufferable Victorian Heroines scale. Sorry, Dickens: much as I love you, give me Dorothea Brooke any day. At least she’s human.

Book clubs definitely mean cake. So I shall shortly be dusting down the food processor  traditional mixing bowl and wooden spoon, and tacking Sara Jones’ Infamous (if you are watching your waistline that is) Chocolate Cake from Eden’s Garden. Which is one that was passed down to me from my mother, along with her love of reading. It’s a recipe that never fails.

If you would like to try the recipe yourself (there’s a vegan version, too), it’s up on my beautiful new website (thank you, Madamadari!), along with a recipe for a traditional Welsh Bara Brith.

Traditional Welsh Bara Brith ('Spotted Bread) from Eden's Garden.

I shall now go and quietly celebrate, and dream of May …….


Wonderful Welsh Bluebells. Not this year's - yet!

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‘So, what will you be reading in 2012? Books from Wales to watch out for…..’

Eden’s Garden has been featured in the Western Mail Magazine as one of the books to look out for in 2012!

There are plenty of wonderful books in there, which you can read about in the link below, but this is the bit about Eden’s Garden …

I’m still amazed. This is in a real magazine. One people buy and read and leave on coffee tables. 


I think it’s just sunk in that I’ve got a book coming out next month ……

‘ Honno, the Aberystwyth publisher, the last independent women’s publisher in the UK, is … celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

 It’ll mark the event with an anthology of 25 years of writing from women in Wales.

 …. Honno also expects historic romance to continue to be popular as people seek relief from the real world.

“People love historical romance. It’s an on-going and very strong genre,” says Helena Earnshaw. “We’ve got two historical romances coming out this year, ‘Eden’s Garden’ by Juliet Greenwood and ‘Flights of Angels’ by M. Stanford-Smith.”

Eden’s Garden is set in a beautiful Welsh house spanning several generations of the families connected to it.

It follows the tale of two women struggling with love, family duty, long buried secrets, and their own ambitions.

But it’s historic romance with a mystery twist. One of the women leaves a trail, through North Wales, Cornwall and London which may help her descendant 100 years later.

“It is an interesting sign of the times,” Earnshaw believes.

“Times are hard and people are struggling and either want to completely escape from that with a book like Eden’s Garden or in books that are about war and conflict set in other countries remote from them.

“People are still interested in reading about difficulties but also want to read about people in other places – not about the average person struggling because that’s just depressing.”

You can read the rest of the article online HERE:

And so what will you be reading in 2012 …..? 


I’m going to be reading Hilary Shepherd’s ‘Animated Baggage’, also published by Honno this year and there in the article too as one to watch out for……

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