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For Victorian and Edwardian women tearooms were a freedom from the old expectations of family and chaperones, and simply going from being someone’s daughter to someone’s wife. We might have gai…

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On the day that a woman becomes Prime Minister of the UK, this is where it all began. From being classed with children and the insane to leader of the country. A long road in a short time.

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Proud to be a Tenby Book Fair author again this year!

Judith Barrow

Introducing the authors who will be at the Tenby Book Fair, http://bit.ly/27XORTh, the first event of the Tenby Arts Festival http://bit.ly/24eOVtl .  I’m looking forward to having many more such chats over the next couple of weeks. 

So far I’ve interrogated interviewed Rebecca Bryn: http://bit.ly/1XYWbtF, Thorne Moore: http://bit.ly/1P6zDQh , Matt Johnson: http://bit.ly/1RUqJFg , Christoph Fischer: http://bit.ly/1svniAr , Sally Spedding: http://bit.ly/1VNRQci, Wendy Steele: http://bit.ly/1PMoF8i ,Kathy MIles:  http://bit.ly/1twN3Bg , Carol Lovekin:http://bit.ly/1Y2z6HT, Colin R Parsons: http://bit.ly/1tvBc5G and Lisa Shambrook: http://bit.ly/28NMI5v:  and Alex Martin:  http://bit.ly/28VLsQG ,  Judith Arnopp:  http://bit.ly/290cJMl  and Sharon Tregenza: http://bit.ly/29frGPq  And thanks to Thorne Moore for interviewing me: http://bit.ly/1VTvqGq  Over the next week or two I’ll be introducing the rest of the authors. I’ll also be showcasing the publishers who will be in attendance and who will be giving short talks and may be able to give advice to would-be authors: http://honno.co.uk/ , http://www.fireflypress.co.uk/   and  http://www.cambriapublishing.org.uk/ ,

There may…

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Introducing the authors who will be at the Tenby Book Fair, the first event of the Tenby Arts Festival  .  I’m looking forward to having many more such chats over the next couple of months.  So far…

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My alter ego, Heather Pardoe, on learning the craft of writing novels through writing novellas

Heather Pardoe

Snowdon 1 Snowdon from Llanberis

It’s quite strange seeing my novella ‘Finding the Snowdon Lily’ out as an ebook. You see, it was first written when ebooks were just a whisper and before the whole social media thing took off. (Yes there was life before Facebook and Twitter!)

Snowdon 3 Dolbadarn Castle, with Snowdon rising up behind

It may be small, but, like all my novellas, it is very dear to my heart. My novellas are where I cut my teeth as a novelist. At the time, I’d had a couple of short stories published, and I was in the RNA New Writers’ Scheme, floundering away at trying to finish my great Tome of a novel that was going to win every prize going and make me rich beyond my wildest dreams.

Ferns 1When a friend suggested that a 30,000 word pocket novel was a good place to learn my craft, I dismissed the…

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I’m delighted to be one of the authors at the Tenby Book Fair on September 19th – and to be amongst so many brilliant authors!

Judith Barrow

hear ye 1

Poster-online (2)

On the first day of the Tenby Arts Festival;  the 19th September 2015, between 11.00am and 2,30pm, we’re having a Book Fair. We would love for you to join us to  meet and chat to our lovely authors.


There’s a chance to relax and listen to music while having a cup of coffee and a cake. There’ll also be a chance to win and choose one of the authors’ books as a raffle prize  Stay for a short poetry reading at 1.00 pm and then to discover which of the children won the competition we previously set on the subject, ‘ The Book I Enjoyed This Year’. The prizes of great books have been kindly donated by Firefly Press and will be presented by Editor and Founder Member, Janet Thomas.

These  are some of the authors who will be there:

JUDITH BARROW:jbarrow_1438471747_11


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My Guest Post for Laura Lee’s powerful blog ‘Story and Self’.

Story and Self

Guest posts are not a regular feature of this blog, but a few months ago I read an article on the site Women Writers, Women’s we_that_are_left_cover_artwork:Layout 1Books called Women and Myths in Storytelling.  I felt that the themes of Juliet Greenwood’s novel “We That Are Left” fit in very well with the regular themes of this blog and I asked her if she would be interested in writing a guest post. The historical novel deals with women who served on the front lines in World War I.

What struck me in particular was one line from the article: “What is most telling is that many of the men the women saved found it hard to deal with the explosion of their own myth of fragile womanhood in need of male guidance and protection…”

I must admit that I misread it when I first scanned the line thinking that…

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A thought-provoking piece from fellow Honno author Alys Einion about a first novel being overtaken by world events – and storming up the kindle charts to #16

Centred Birth

Taking it to the Next Level

Well, this has been a roller-coaster of a week. It started off with a January low, the post-festive energy dipping and the darkness and cold shrinking my world to the daily necessities. After an initial burst of enthusiasm, it felt as if the tasks ahead – including working on the next novel, finishing and writing up research – seemed more like insurmountable mountain peaks than simple life tasks. Add to this the continuing shock of the daily early morning start, and you end up with one struggling author.

Then came the bright star in the dark night of winter. This week, my novel Inshallah was a Kindle daily deal. I was not allowed to advertise it beforehand, so rose early on the 15th to start sharing it on social media. At work, I engaged in some shameless self-marketing by sending an email to…

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Top Reads 2014

I love this!

Word by Word

It’s tough to have to choose one, and all the books below have been excellent reads, but the one standout for me was Prayers for the Stolen, because I haven’t stopped thinking about it all year,  it’s always top of mind when anyone asks me about a good book I’ve read recently, just as I still recommend Caroline Smailes The Drowning of Arthur Braxton from 2013 and Eowyn Ivey’s The Snow Child from 2012, all outstanding reads.

The Stats

This year I read 57 books, basically one book a week, 79% of my reads were fiction, 16% non-fiction and 5% poetry. I managed to read books by authors from 18 different countries and this year 40% of what I read was translated from another language. 54% of the books I read were printed books and 46% I read on a kindle. 63% were written by a female author.

Outstanding Read…

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This is Rosie Amber’s lovely review of ‘We That are Left’ in Fleetlife

Rosie Amber

Here are a list of books I’ve had featured in my local magazines for the month of December 2014, with links to the magazine on-line versions and Goodreads links to all the books.

http://www.fleetlife.org.uk click on the online directory and once loaded, find my reviews on page 36.

Dec FL

The Immortal Greek by Monica La Porta

Britannia Part 1: The Wall by Richard Denham

We That Are Left by Juliet Greenwood

Romancing My Love by Melissa Foster

BackPacks and Bra Straps by Savannah Grace


Books that made it in to my reviews in the Elvatham Heath Directory http://www.ehd.org.uk. Click on the online directory and once loaded go to page 13

How I Changed My Life In A Year by Shelley Wilson

Echoes In The Darkness by Jane Godman

Fairy Tale In New York by Nicky Wells

Midnight Sky by Jan Ruth

Craving by Sofia Grey

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