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Finding the Snowdon Lily

Today, I would like to introduce my good friend Heather Pardoe, who writes serials and short stories, and is now published by Endeavour Press.

Heather’s first book with Endeavour, ‘Finding the Snowdon Lily’, (if you are in the US click HERE) is a historical adventure sent on and around Snowdon during the great Victorian fern-collecting craze (yes, there really was such a thing) is published today.

Dolbadarn Castle with Snowdon behind

I was going to celebrate the occasion by interviewing her, only this might be a little predicable, as, er, (as most of you will already know), she is, in fact, me.

I’ve written before about the pros and cons of writing under two names for the Novelistas Ink Blog http://novelistasink.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/serials-or-novels-that-is-question-by.html Over the past few months I’ve been in even more of a whirl between my two identities. I’ve been writing the next serial and editing further books for Endeavour as Heather, while at the same time bashing away at the new book as Juliet, trying to get as much done as possible before the edits land for the novel out with Honno next year.

And yes, I have ended Daughter of Conwy 4 smallup talking to myself! Luckily, my four-legged secretary and research assistant takes such things in her stride.

Today, however, I’m going to celebrate as Heather. There I was, taking it all in my stride, telling myself, just another Heather adventure out there – but now it’s come to it, I’m just as excited as when a Juliet book comes out!

And so, what does Heather write? Well, much shorter books, for one. But they are also historical exciting adventures, inspired by the many wonderful women we generally don’t hear about, who never let a crinoline or corset get them down, but were off up mountains and outwitting villains with the best of them. And like her serials, they are set in Snowdonia – including on Snowdon itself.


Climbing Snowdon in the mist


Reaching the summit


The cloud clears – this is what Catrin would have seen from the top!

So this evening Heather and I will be raising a glass of champagne (possibly of the homemade elderflower variety, it being a weekday, and having a hero to rescue from particularly dire straights) to ‘Finding the Snowdon Lily’ – and Heather Pardoe’s future writing career!

Heather’s website is HERE

You can follow her on Twitter HERE

And on Facebook HERE


Elderflower 1

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Today I’m the Author Spotlight for Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog

It’s an amazing site packed full of information, tips, flash fiction and interviews with authors.I was excited to be interviewed, and you can find exactly what I said here. 

Morgen said she had a surprise for me – and what a surprise! Morgen had not only heard of my alter ego, Heather Pardoe, but she actually possessed a couple of her magazine stories. That gives any author’s heart a flutter!

Today, I’m sitting at my desk being Heather, writing short stories and working away at a serial I’m writing for a magazine set in the Welsh Gold Rush. And yes, there was one. But to find out more about that, you’ll have to wait for Heather Pardoe to work her magic.

In the meantime, this is the kind of stories Heather writes. Believe me, I’ve learnt many invaluable lessons writing for the given requirements of a magazine. I would never have made it as a published author of novels if it hadn’t been for the professional learning curve of writing as Heather Pardoe, both her stories and her rip-roaring (but not bodice ripping) pocket novels.

So many thanks to Morgen Bailey  and her writing blog – and  there’s plenty  of fascinating information to check out while you are there.

The writer’s learning curve is a long one and every little – or not so little – helps along the way.

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I might be waiting, but my alter ego, Heather Pardoe, has a short story out this week! Hurrah!

‘The Apple Orchard’ is in September 3rd’s ‘The People’s Friend’ here in the UK. It wasn’t my usual way of working. Usually, you write the story, and it appears with a picture. For ‘The Apple Orchard’ I was asked if I would write the story for the picture.

I happily agreed to the suggestion, as I’ve done a couple like this before and really enjoyed the challenge. I have to confess, this one was my biggest challenge yet. You see, my usual stories tend to be about families and their dilemmas, along with children and teenagers learning a little about life. Love stories are not really my territory for this particular magazine.

This picture is definitely a love story.

Which was a nice idea, but a bit out of my comfort zone, and – being human – I didn’t want to fail miserably. I would never live it down.

Okay. Panic first. Then make a strong coffee and start with what is there. In the background there is a coastline. That looked like Devon or Cornwall to me. And the apple orchard? Well that came from one tiny detail. The apple in the man’s hand. A quick stint on Google, and I found that Devon is known for its apples. So it was Devon, then.

And the rest? Well that came from the body language. From the moment of two people sharing something, something exciting, maybe life-changing.

One dog walk later (most of my stories, short and long, are brewed during the daily dog walk), and the story had fallen into place. And so I sat down, with only a modest amount of my usual procrastination, and wrote it like the true professional I am.

And here it is.

And forget the Booker (for the moment, at least, ahem),  it still gives me a buzz to see myself in print and know that people – lots of people – are reading my stories.

You might say it’s not the same, because it’s not my name. But for the first two weeks of my life,  Heather was my name. And Pardoe? Well, that’s my mother’s mother. The one left behind when her husband went off to Australia to find his fortune in the goldmines. One hell of a woman, by all accounts.

But that’s another story…

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